Learn How to Optimize a Website for Search Engine Optimization Success

Learn Search Engine Optimization

A Simple Do It Yourself Guide to Mastering the Three Foundations of Search Engine Optimization Success.

Forget about trying to follow the latest Google algorithms. Even the most obsessive SEO gurus are just making educated guesses at best. Just stick with the basics; they never go out of style and are the foundation of all the search engine companies algorithms.

While it takes years of trial and error to really get good at SEO, you can learn the fundaments in 10 minutes. A similar analogy would be golf. I can explain the game in 5 minutes but it will take hundreds of hour of practice to make a decent put. I'm not going to explain how to get good; you'll need to do that on your own. I'm going to explain the rules and identify the three foundations of good SEO. These rules and foundations are so important that even if you do a mediocre job, you'll still be light years ahead than if you did nothing.

The truth is most websites don't even cover the three foundations of search engine optimization success. Take care of this and you'll be 90% there.

1. Great, unique, keyword rich title tags. This is in the header of each page's source code.

2. Keyword rich body copy with appropriate anchor text (AKA: hyperlinks)

3. Clear, easy to index, keyword rich website navigation. Getting around should be easy for people as well as search bots.

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