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How many seconds do you give a website before you click away in frustration, disgust or simple misunderstanding? 10 seconds? If so, that’s a long time. Studies indicate the average “audition time” for a website is about 3 seconds. So if yours doesn’t clearly state its purpose, provide clear calls to action and provide an intuitive and logical user interface, your potential customers will remain just that: potential.

Yet, almost paradoxically, if a potential customer is hooked, he or she will stay around a long time and investigate every nook and cranny. Some websites fail to take advantage of this, because they provide the hook but very little substance. The potential customer leaves not because of initial lack of interest, but because the promise the website made wasn’t realized.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that while it’s great if your website looks attractive, it's more important that it work as intended. There are many possible goals for a website: generating sales, soliciting leads, getting people to take on a call to action (political, educational, charitable or otherwise), generating buzz, creating the feeling of exclusivity among members and more. Sometimes the issue isn’t even a website itself; it’s about a landing page for PPC or other direct marketing campaigns. And there are also “internal” issues, such as making the website’s search engine ranking be as high as possible.

Each one of these objectives requires a customized approach. Form follows function. So we generally can’t tell you in advance just what your website should or will look like. First, we have to understand you, your business and your objectives. (But there is one exception. The days of flashing or scrolling banner text, large splash pages, intrusive flash animations, “mystery meat” navigation, and nonstandard navigation elements are over. These are universally annoying, so it’s no surprise they hurt sales. That’s why we’ll never use them.)

All Claytowne websites include site-wide, page-specific search engine optimization. They also emphasize usability for text-only browsers, search engine spiders and robots. We can even extend your site to support people with hearing or visual disabilities.

Whether you are considering redesigning an older site or you want to start from scratch with a new one that is faithful to your identity, we can help

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Flash Design, Flash Animation, Professional Flash Web Site Design

Flash Design Professional Flash Web Site Design

Let's be honest, flash is sexy. Nothing quite has the "wow" factor as a well designed flash presentation. Conversely, when executed in an amateurish, tacky manner, nothing will hurt your image more. Claytowne can evaluate your goals and find the appropriate flash solution to your needs. A solution that will enhance your website, product demo or online learning program as well as your company's branding and identity.

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Search Engine Optimization, SEO, and Search Engine Marketing

SEO and Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing approach is not about chasing trends or gimmicks. We adhere to proven website building techniques that improve search engine placement and increase relevant traffic and conversions.

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