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A Note From Clay

Most of my clients are located hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from my office. We work through e-mail and phone and I deliver finished artwork through FTP, FedEx or snail mail. With over fifteen years experience working over long distances, I know how to make a client feel comfortable as well as meet their needs despite the lack of face-to-face contact.

Clients such as The Discovery Channel and Playboy Magazine have enjoyed my attention to detail, prompt response to changes and requests, unmatched turnaround times, and quality of deliverables. You can be confident that your project will receive the same high level of service that other clients have been enjoying for years.

Client Testimonials

Storyboard Sample


Discovery Channel

Clay's boards really brought our campaign to life!
We gave Clay a few rough scripts, some vague character descriptions, and a super tight deadline and he produced a series of boards that really told a story in an impactful and dramatic way.

Jeff Strong
Director of On-Air Creative, The Discovery Channel

Gourme Mist

Gourme Mist Bottles

Product Packaging Design, Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Clay has been a key part of our business taking off. Everyone compliments us on our product's packaging! Clay's artwork has made us stand out from the rest. We even won the Best Packaging Award, out a field of 250 entrants, at the Natural Products Expo East 2008! And as far as our website, Clay's attention to detail and quick turnaround time has been amazing.

Simona Bunin
President of Gourme Foods Company

Capitola Hotel

Capitola Hotel Website

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Clay recently redesigned our website. He was very easy to work with and took the time to develop a site concept that really captures the essence of our business. We are delighted with the new design which is both unique and highly functional. We immediately noticed greater online sales. We highly recommend Claytowne Graphic and Web Design to any business that wants fast, professional service at reasonable prices.

Christine and Michael Herberg
Owners of Capitola Hotel

Jenny Penn

Jenny Penn Website

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

I should probably start this by explaining that when I ‘met’ Clay Butler I had already spent six months dealing with litany of website designers. I’m an author building my name and reputation, and I needed a designer who didn’t cookie-cutter out some site with staid and trite imagery. Author’s build their reputations on being unique—like most businesses. I considered my website to be a pivotal piece of my branding and therefore I wanted it to express “me” and not a standard “look” some hack uses over and over again.

That’s the attitude I approached Clay Butler with. It may not be nice, but by the time I found myself writing Mr. Butler, I was worn out. Given his client was a person who was frustrated and annoyed, but with a very particular view of what she wanted, Clay managed to make me a very happy customer.

It was no small feat, trust me. I had ideas that didn’t work, but instead of telling me ‘no’, Clay showed me why my concept needed to be altered. In the end the website became a beautiful compilation, though I honestly did put him through hell in the process.

If the story ended there, then I would say something like ‘he’s an excellent designer’. My needs don’t end there. I need help with marketing, branding, ads, book covers, artist, newsletters, technical questions, and the list will probably grow tomorrow. That’s where Clay earns my respect.

If I email him on Sunday asking for help finding a cover artist, Clay responds on Sunday willing to help. He doesn’t say ‘you need to do this’, but say’s ‘we need to do this’. Integrating himself right into my problems, Clay instills a loyalty that leaves me thinking ‘it would take an act of God to make me switch designers’.

Jenny Penn

Paradise Beach Grille

Paradise Beach Grille Website

Website Design, Food Photography, and Search Engine Optimization

Clay created our new website without a lot of guidance. He instinctively assembled a perfect representation of our food, our people, our surroundings and our story. I am looking forward to working on more projects with Mr. Butler as he generates results.

Steve Hanecak
Executive Chef and General Manager at Paradise Beach Grille

Trick or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios Website

Website Design, Tradeshow Booth Design, Product Catalog, Business cards, Logo Design, and Search Engine Optimization

When I came to Clay, I was in panic. I needed to get a website, a trade show booth, and a full advertising campaign done, and I needed it now, as my company's first trade show was only a month away. During our first meeting, Clay drew me a concept design of the booth, website and ad campaign and I knew right then, everything was going to workout and I was in good hands. One month later when the show doors opened, I had an amazing full e-commerce based website, a professional marketing campaign and without a doubt, the coolest trade show booth in the building. Clay is great to work with, does wonderful work and is available whenever I have questions. On top of that, Clay is not afraid to teach the skills required for customers to be independent. After a day of training, I'm now running the day-to-day operations of the website, and I'm a confident in using tools that only a month ago I couldn't even open. Thanks for everything Clay, you're the best!


Chris Zephro
President Trick or Treat Studios - Makers of Premium Scary Halloween Masks
Phone: 831-234-2762
Fax: 831-621-4763


Do Goodie Package

Product Packaging Design

Clay designed my brand, Do-Goodie for Greyston. The best I say about Clay was that he didn't merely turn out a visual design. Clay sought to understand what we wanted conveyed. I felt heard by him and that was manifested in the design. Not only did he hear me and give me what I asked for, in addition, Clay gave precise feedback on where I should shift my thinking or direction without trying to make me think I was an idiot. This is a lost art. I will work with Clay again and you should too.

Julius Walls, Jr.
President, CEO , Greyston Bakery

Titan Support Systems

Titan Screenshot

Product Logo Designs, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Full Page Ads

By 2007 my company was recognized as an industry leader in the world of international powerlifting. This was based on the strength of our product performances and their dominance on the lifting platform. However, our advertising and marketing was badly outdated. It was allowing opportunity for competitors to use better advertising to blur reality and affect product perception.

As a result we began a search for an advertising and marketing company. We specifically looked for a company that could create an advertising and marketing campaign that would put our company name at the forefront of the sport - not just on the platform but in the media as well. After an extensive search, we found Claytowne Graphics. We looked over many of the advertisements created by Claytowne and were immediately struck by the powerful graphics and the clear, concise advertising copy and messages.

It's now going on one year since we started using Claytowne Graphics. Our advertisements are graphically stunning with clear, strong ad copy and are among the best in our industry. Magazine editors have actually held the presses to include a Claytowne advertisement at the last minute. The marketing advice has been great and helped us to better focus our efforts. Our product line is also benefitting from a face lift that includes creation of strong product logos for every product and custom labeling.

Then there is the service. We get honest and sound marketing advice. Oftentimes, we forget that Claytowne is located thousands of miles from us as they are always there for us. The service is professional and courteous and it's all conducted in a manner that has us viewing Claytowne more as a partner than a vendor.

With Claytowne behind us, we confidently look to the future even in these tough economic times.

Pete Alaniz
President of Titan Support Systems

Beneficial Designs

Character Design

Illustrations for Manual Wheelchair Training Guide and Powered Wheelchair Training Guide

Mascot Design for Trail Explorer Trail Accessability Website and Guides.

Illustrations for Federal Highway Administration's "Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access Best Practices Design Guide"

Clay Butler is one of the most creative and organized illustrators I have ever met. I was able to work really well with Clay. We generated ideas for light-hearted illustrations that depict how to safely learn to use a manual or powered wheelchair. He was very respectful of my time and came through with the end product in a timely manner. He also created "Dot" hiking characters that have given our trails accessibility work a common theme. We use the "Dot" characters throughout our trails work.

Peter Axelson, Founder and Director of Research and Development Beneficial Designs

Artisan Fine Rug Care Studio

Clean This Logo Design

Website Design and SEO

I recently hired Clay Butler to design and build the website for my Oriental rug restoration business, Artisan Fine Rug Care Studio. It’s beautiful and we have had many complements from total strangers about how helpful and professional the site is.

But better than that for me, as the business owner, is how Clay optimized the site for search engines. As soon as the site went live, we started getting calls from members of our target consumers. In fact, I am now in a position to consider terminating costly print advertising altogether because we get so many calls from our website. The majority of our customers now say they found out about us online. The site has already paid for itself and it’s only been a couple of months since it has been live.

I have referred several friends to Claytowne for web design services. I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering beautifying their site or making it more available to potential customers.

Clay Butler gets it.

Margaret Kinda
Owner, Fine Rug Care Studio.

Joseph Cohen

Promotional Booklet

Clay Butler is an exceptional talent. He is a tremendous partner, a great friend and a brilliantly creative designer. Clay has a remarkable ability to help take an abstract concept and bring it to life as a viable creative presentation. He brings a highly strategic approach to his assignments and, due to his perfectionist nature, his work is both visually stunning and as flawless as one could imagine. Clay's passion and work ethic set him aside from any other creative individual or agency that I have ever worked with. I could not offer a stronger recommendation.

Joseph Cohen,

APR Group Vice President, MWW Group Director, Public Relations Society of America

Dr. James Bahcall

Medical Illustration

Medical Illustrations for Book

It was an absolute pleasure working with Clay. The illustrations he provided for my book were outstanding. The illustrations were creative, professional and were exactly what I had requested. He was able to deliver the material before the given dateline. Clay was easy to deal with and extremely accommodating. I look forward to working with him on my second book.

Dr. James Bahcall,
Author of Smile for Life: Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist
Chairman of Surgical Sciences at Marquette University School of Dentistry and
Director of the Postgraduate Endodonic Residency Program

Breeze Systems

Breeze Logo

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Logo Design, Business Cards, Web Banners and CD Label

Clay has produced a great new website for as well as a new logo and advertising banners. He is creative, a good listener, responds to queries quickly, produces high quality work and sticks to budget. Highly recommended!

Sue Breeze - Director
Breeze Systems Ltd

Pond Magic

Pond Magic Screenshot

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Logo Design

Clay Butler designed a website for Pondmagic Watergardens, and we couldn't be happier with it. Clay is very skilled and knowledgeable in designing the site both for design and functionality, but also for maximum results from keyword web searches. We are already seeing results in increased customer responses. In his work, Clay is professional, accommodating, and it was a pleasure working with him

Timothy Gillett
Pondmagic Owner

Englebert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck Christmas Card

Illustration and Design of Family Christmas Cards

Dear Clay,

Love the job on our Christmas cards for 03' and 04'. I'm sure come December we'll be back for more.


Engelbert Humperdinck
International Singing Superstar

Brian Crain Photography

Brian Crain Screenshot

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Clay, just can't thank you enough for what you have done for my business. It is finally moving forward in the right direction and I have the peace of mind knowing it was done correctly. That has given me much more confidence in the value I have within my industry. I know now that I can actually accomplish the goals I have set. As long as I am in business, you will always have me as a customer.

Brian Crain
Wedding, Fashionand CommericialPhotographer

For Your Journey

For Your Journey Logo

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Logo and Branding

After reviewing several graphic artist website's I had found in the online yellow pages with unsatisfactory results, I did a simple internet search. was within the top three that came up in the search. Immediately upon entering the site, I was struck by several positive aspects. It was colorful, very informative with a nice portfolio of work, as well as was extremely easy to navigate around in. From the artwork examples and the website layout examples, I knew that Clay would be able to deliver the type of branding I wanted for my new business. However, I had no idea how responsive he would be to my needs.

Clay called me the very next day after I had e-mailed him the night before. He explained to me in detail how to best optimize my website and also asked good questions in order to get an idea of how I intended to represent my business. By the next day, he had a beautiful possible logo for me as well as a variety of looks to choose from. We then worked a bit more to finalize the logo. Meanwhile, he also sent me an example of the website idea he came up with. It was beautiful!

Working with Clay has been a pleasure. He is so responsive, flexible and patient with all of my needs. Since finalizing the initial site, I have gotten tons of positive feedback from my friends and family that I attribute directly to Clay’s creative ability. They have made special reference to the look of the site, by saying “I love your logo and color theme”, “very nice and professional” as well as that it is “beautiful”, “impressive”, “awesome”, “inviting“ and “Wow!”. I look forward to working with Clay in the future as my business grows and as more information is needed on my website. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in creating top quality branding for their business as well as in getting the best customer service ever.


Donna Lopez
For Your Journey ( Note: With some initial guidance from me, Donna has been updating the website herself since it's launch. While not as perfect as I had originally designed it, it nonetheless provides a very useful business tool that she has complete control over. She was even able to update the SEO on the website as her business focus changed by following my guidelines)

Clincal Science Products

Clinical Science Products  Screenshot

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Product Photo Shoots, and Product Data Sheets

I am very happy with the services of Clay Butler in the redesign of our website. Clay provided a very thorough critique and then a plan of design for a well focused clearer presentation for our website.

Mike Barry
Clinical Science Products


NeurogesX Illustration

Scientific Diagram Illustrations

Clay’s rapid development of a series of illustrations allowed us to revise rapidly an important scientific presentation depicting our drug’s mechanism of action. We were quite pleased with Clay’s ability to revise iteratively the illustrations, in order to effectively illustrate our hypotheses.

Keith Bley PhD
Senior Vice President, Nonclinical Research & Development

Mike Whitla

Mike Whitla CD Cover Design

CD Cover Illustration and Complete Layout

Clay, thanks for putting together a beautiful and professional looking cd. Your artwork is just perfect for the project. You were patient with my may revisions and also had the balls to disagree with me on some design decisions and you were of course right. Hope to talk to you soon for a new project.


Mike Whitla
Deep Down Productions

Bid Guru Logo

Logo and Mascot Design

Dear Clay,

Over the past several years we have contracted with no less than half a dozen graphic artists for our various logo/illustration needs and I must say that by far your services have proven to be the most professional.

The speed with which you submitted the initial drafts and final artwork may well have set some kind of industry speed record and you completely understood our needs right from day one.I will surely recommend your services to our many clients and looking forward to working with you again in the near future.

Yours truly,

A. Marek Bradbury

Michelle Groh-Gordy

InterActive traffic School Banner

Website Template with New Logo and Animated Header

You took the vague ideas in my head and transformed them into a template for my website that exceeded my expectations. I wanted something fun; you created something truly exciting. I wanted something clean; you gave me a finished product with unparalleled professional polish. Thank you, Clay! I couldn't be happier with the work that you did for me.

Best Regards,

Michelle Groh-Gordy
InterActive! Traffic School

Account Control Technology, Inc

Book Cover Design Dumpster Diving

Illustrated Promotional Poster and Illustrated Postcard Campaign

Clay,Thank you! The artwork you created for our “Excuse” postcards and “Top Ten Excuse” poster is impressive! We have been sending this campaign out to both current and prospective clients with amazing response. The artwork is so good that even our prospects are displaying it! At tradeshows, our booth becomes filled with people asking for extras when attendees find out that ACT is the company with the “Excuse Postcards and Posters”. Your artwork has helped our company develop a “fun” side and has opened doors to new business opportunities. You are the most talented artist that we have ever used and wish to express our thanks for all your hard work and efforts.


Ann Barnowski, National Sales Manager
Account Control Technology, Inc.

Adventure Mexican Insurance

Adventure Mexican Insurance Logo

Logo Design, Business Marketing Consulting

It was time for my business to finally get a logo - Luckily, Clay's website was the first one I found. I gave him a call - we brainstormed some loose concepts over the phone - then a few days later he emailed me his draft logos. He nailed it!I was so happy when I opened the files - conceptually and aesthetically - one of the logos was perfect. After a few minor refinements, the logo was complete.

Clay was so easy to work with, and his ability to turn concepts into product is incredible.I also appreciate all of the helpful hints and tips he has shared with me in regard to print material, web design, and search engine optimization. He really is a wealth of knowledge!

Jeff Nordahl
Owner - Adventure Mexican Insurance

Michael J Downey

Michael Downey CD Design

CD Cover and Booklet

From the moment I chose Clay for my project, I knew I’d made the right choice. He answered my email with a return phone call within minutes, and throughout the project he was very responsive and accommodating with my deadlines and requests. But the thing that makes Clay the ‘right man for the job,’ is the fact that he is a TRUE ARTIST, not just a graphics designer. He can actually draw! And incorporating his “old-school” talents, with his cutting edge technological saavy, he is simply the best in the area at what he does!

Michael J Downey

Paladin Press

Book Cover Design Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving Book Cover

It's a true pleasure working with Clay Butler. He delivered a fantastically creative original book cover design--on time, on budget, and exactly to spec. We will be working with him again.

Jon Ford
Editorial Director
Paladin Press

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