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Client Testimonials

My Sips Tea Co.

Product Package Design

Product Packaging Design

Operating a small business requires significant energy, financial resources and a large personal time committment. I had contacted Clay reqarding a design concept for MySips Tea Company Organic Infusions with little knowledge of the process and much reservation. From our initial coversation, until completion of the project I found Clay an invaluable resouce who was receptive to ideas we had put forth regarding the project. The final product was a successful merger of our inital thoughts and Clay's creativity. I look forward to working with Clay in the future as our business grows, and using the resources and creativity he has provided to a success packaging design.

R.E Hengsterman, Founder, MySips Tea Company ( He seems to have moved onto beer!)

Leo van der Reis, MD

Poster Design

4'x8' Poster Outlining Thesis for Conference

The poster was a success! People commented on its clarity, ease of reading and overall design.

Leo van der Reis, M.D.
Director, Quincy Foundation for Medical Research-Charitable Trust
Clinical Professor of Community & Rural Medicine,
The University of Alabama


Commercial  Storyboard

Storyboard Design

We ended up winning the client on the strength of our ad concept and your storyboards. Everything went very smoothly and your execution of our initial sketches was well done and much appreciated.

Visuality Media Productions

Wolf Pak Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Club Jacket Design

Club Logo Design for Back Jacket

Want to say thank you again! You really are the best graphic artist I have worked with. Pretty hard to find a guy that stays in contact with you all the time and listens to his clients on what they want their design to be. Not like other artist that take control and never give you what you want, and the quality is great too !! You make a lot of other graphic people look like rookies haha.

Andrew Ruiz
Wolf Pak
Tucson , AZ Motorcycle Club

Laura Doyle

The Surrendered Wife Screenshot

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Clay's knowledge of how search engines work helped us achieve a steady, increased flow of traffic to the website, and his streamlined design helped convert that traffic into sales. Once we hired Clay, we didn't have to do much else--he took care of the technical, design and merchant transaction part of the process. The new product launch was a success, so investing in the right webmaster is already paying off.

Laura Doyle
New York Times Best Selling Author of The Surrendered Wife


Book Cover Design Dumpster Diving

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Logo Design and Business Cards

Clay's ability to thoroughly "get" what I was after with my new and unique form of exercise was amazing! He instinctively knew just the look I was after and just the words that would create the effect I wanted as well. I didnt know I was getting a copywriter and editor as well as web designer.

Easy to speak to he is equally easy to work with and is at the top of his game intellectually, always a plus. He knows all the tricks and secrets it seems. And can explain it to my barely computer literate self thoroughly. He has a great feel for business, marketing, the web and its myriad of applications and possibilities for YOUR business. Just a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much for the great site and all the help Clay, you're the best.

Mark Reifkind
GIrya Kettlebell Training

Canadian Nookie

Canadian Nookie Graphic

T-Shirt and Macot Designs, Website and Flash Animation

I am so grateful to have come across the services of Clay Butler. My quest began using different company claiming to be capable of generating the character animations I requested. Upon delivery, I stood bewildered by the rather elementary animations presented to me. I guess asking for a refund was wishful thinking on my part.

I did a search on the internet and came across Clay’s site, A character on the main page of the site sold a call to Clay with no further questions. Clay promptly answered the phone, something I wasn’t familiar with, and I quickly poured my heart out to him explaining what had just happened and what I needed. Clay gave me the same attitude the other guys did by saying, “Hey, if I can’t do it, nobody can,” except the difference was this guy wasn’t joking around.

Clay has a remarkable talent for transferring his customer’s abstract thoughts to material. I had to wonder for a moment if somehow the telephone I was using to communicate with Clay was actually a mind reading probe device, because after describing what I envisioned in my head, Clay quickly drafted to paper in exact detail.

Working with Clay has been a pleasure and my future business is loyal as I always know Clay will complete my projects in a timely manor with awesome quality – the outstanding price is just an added bonus.

Christopher J. Curnow
Prime Minister of Canadian Nookie (Christopher has since mnoved on to other projects. We wish him well)

The Welfare Asssociation for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN)

Brochure Design

Brochure Design and Logo Design

Clay Butler was introduced to us by Google. His website is grand and his response to an initial inquiry was almost instantaneous. Clay's professionalism made brochure writing on a short deadline almost a pleasure. The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN) is as happy with our new brochure as we were while working closely with Clay from locations in Afghanistan, the UAE and the U.S. while he designed it.

Clay refined the WADAN logo, found the printer, placed the order and even prepaid to speed things up around a holiday to ensure that we met the deadline. And the result is very, very, nice indeed.

All the best,

Jean Kissel
Advisor for The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN)

The Network

Storyboard Design

Storyboard Design


Your boards were excellent and timely. We had a very short timeframe to present a new TV spot to our client, which resulted in a smashing success. Thanks for rising to the challenge and coming through with little time to spare.

Steve Wolowitz

The Well Adjusted Dog Company

Package Design

Logo Design, Packaging Design, POP Display Design, Website, Search Engine Optimization


I just wanted to thank you for being a true professional. It’s not easy being a small business owner and a new one at that. It’s an almost daily uphill battle trying to find reliable people to work with. From our first conversation you have totally “gotten” it. You took my loose idea for a logo and your execution of it far exceeded my expectations, which is saying a lot.

You have handled everything for us; including business cards, our POP display, letterhead and designing and maintaining our website. We receive so many compliments on our logo and website, which is thrilling. Once again, thank you for all the advice and hard work.


Nelle Dreyer
(Nelle has since sold the company and moved onto a new venture leaving her many devote customers saddened)


Mad Winners

Mad Winners Logo Design

Log Design

When searching for competent individuals or companies on the internet to hire for various needs it has been my experience that you need a certain amount of luck. I have had both negative and positive experiences. I would say without question the most positive experience to date was the hiring of Clay Butler to design a new logo for my recently launched website A picture says a thousand words.

Look at our logo and you will understand why I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across Clay's portfolio on the net. In just a few short days the perfect logo was created for us. Clay incorporated all of the ideas we gave him for the design, and created a logo that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Clay for delivering exactly what you promised, a highly marketable character and logo.

Al Price
Owner of Mad Winners

Dr Mercola

Allopath Illustration

Illustrations for "Town of Allopath"

We reviewed Clay's extensive portfolio of previous cartooning work and especially appreciated the emotion he draws forth in his characters and in his captivating use of colors and lines. We were also extremely impressed with the rave reviews Clay's other clients gave him. Due to these factors, plus Clay's own enthusiasm and attentiveness to our needs, we knew we had to hire him to develop the cartooning for our "The Town of Allopath" video. And to say we are glad we did is an understatement. Clay is a pleasure to work with and he knows how to translate needs into powerful results.'s "Town of Allopath" presentation has spread rapidly across the Web, many hundreds of thousands have viewed it already, and it has received widespread critical acclaim for its visual power - for which Clay's exceptional cartooning laid the foundation. Fully Animated Oringinal Storyboards

Brian Vaszily
Consulting VP of Marketing and Editorial for

Steve Hagy

Book Cover Design Pirate's Fate

Book Cover design for "A Pirate's fate" and "Faces in the Fog"

I love the book cover that Clay designed for me. He listened patiently as I described my vision, then, he illustrated it. I made suggestions, and he fine-tuned it. His illustration accurately depicts the contents of my book and by trying various color schemes, he was able to reflect its mood also. The illustration is a beautiful work of art and it's on my book. I’m very happy.

Steve Hagy
Author of "A Pirates Fate" and "Faces in the Fog"

Beyond the Words, Inc.

Wrapping Paper Design

ASL Themed Wrapping Christmas and Birthday Wrapping Paper

Working with Clay has been a wonderful experience for us. This is a new venture for our company and Clay was very informative about the design and layout of our product. He gave us such excellent direction and the samples he created for us to choose from really hit the mark as far as what we had in mind for our customers. He has a gift of taking the vague, simplified idea of what the client is looking for and turning it into a vibrant, unique and professional work of art. We couldn’t be more pleased with his work and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with him..

Mistie Glass & Jennifer Lazarev
Co-Founders, Beyond the Words, Inc.

Custom Album Design

Custom Album Design

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

After using Claytowne for the design and optimization for my photography website (, I knew Clay was the only choice for site design after my wedding photography business expanded into album design and needed a separate website. He created a site that really is able to show off the abilities my company can offer. It is easy to use and very direct to the point, which means I know potential customers are getting the necessary information quickly without having to dig around the website. The site ( has given my design company, Custom Album Design, a real advantage over smaller album designers and has helped land top clients in photographic industry. I have more projects on the horizon and will, without question. be using the services of Claytowne.

Brian K Crain

Clean This

Clean This Logo Design

Logo Design

Dear Clay,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you have done for me and my company. After surfing the web for a graphic designer, I came across your web site.

I was actually looking for someone local, but was really drawn to your artwork and your depiction of the themes you were producing.

The results you have given us are spectacular! The entire process has been seamless and professional.

I’ve never had an easier time working with a graphic designer. I was most pleased and impressed with how you “got” what we wanted with just a short phone call and a scribbled drawing we sent you.

Your interpretation of our concept was better than we had ever imagined. We couldn’t have asked for more than that.

I will continue to recommend you to all.

Noël Paden
Clean This!, Inc.