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Why You Need More Than an SEO Expert To Make Your Website Search Engine Rankings Soar

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Just because your designer built you a great-looking website doesn’t mean he built you a great-producing one. Usually, the opposite is true. That’s because most web designers know as much about search engines as they do about jet engines—absolutely nothing.

Or maybe you took a different approach. Maybe you hired an SEO company whose fine print “guaranteed” you a #1 ranking on Google in return for a small fortune. Of course, this company didn’t know anything about website design. Why should they?

And that’s the heart of the problem. Website design, implementation architecture and search engine optimization are all intimately connected.

To do the job right, you need someone who’s an expert in them all. Yet you’ll never find that in a conventional designer or SEO firm.

Which is precisely why you should hire me. I’ve been designing websites since the days of Netscape and architecting them to achieve excellent rankings since well before “Google” became a verb.

I know that when your site lacks even the most basic SEO components, potential customers simply won’t be able to find it. And if they are finding your site, but you’re still not getting any conversions, then you’re likely dealing with navigational issues, weak, unoptimized copy and vague calls-to-action.

I’ll fix all of these problems fast. Best of all, I’ll do it for a fixed fee. That means no budget-busting monthly contracts. I’ve already helped businesses in fields as diverse as Wedding Photography, Pharmaceuticals, Landscaping, Health Care, Fitness and Publishing increase their rankings, traffic and—most important---their conversions.

To get results starting as soon as next month, all you’ve got to do is call me today at 861-477-9029 or email me now


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