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Postcard Design Advertising Illustration

Postcard Design Example Sample.

Do you want to impress, inform or entertain even your most skeptical client? Our eye-catching, memorable illustrations for postcard advertising and promotional materials are perfect for jazzing up traditional presentations or adding a humorous touch to an otherwise dry or sensitive subject.

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Character Design and Mascot Design

Character Mascot Design Example Sample

Seeking to establish emotional, tighter bonds with your customers, while building brand equity? Entrepreneurs and educators turn to our character design talents when they need to enliven presentations, personalize their public face or make the mundane memorable.

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Storyboard Illustration, Storyboard Artist and Storyboard Design

Storyboard Design Example Sample

Suppose you have a great concept for a commercial, movie, music video, animation or television show. How do you turn that vision into reality? Storyboarding may be the answer. Read what the Discovery Channel said about Claytowne's storyboard work for "12 Days of Terror,” "Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story" and "D-Day: Reflections of Courage." View this Storyboard Tutorial see what goes into making a powerful and effective storyboard.

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Greeting Card Design

Greeting Card Design Example Sample

Today’s greeting card industry is an eclectic one, no longer beholden only to standard Hallmark® cards. Everywhere you look, hip, irreverent designs compete with the traditional. Claytowne can help whether you’re seeking a way to perfect your existing design or a way to realize your truly original idea.

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Medical and Scientific Illustration and Legal Illustration

Medical and Scientific Illustration Example Sample

One of the biggest challenges in communication is to clearly and quickly explain intellectually challenging, sometimes esoteric, medical and scientific matters to a layperson. Entrepreneurs face this challenge with potential investors. Attorneys face it with juries. Salespeople face it when pitching benefits instead of features. In all these cases, text-based explanations fall short. Great medical and scientific illustrations fill this gap by transforming the seemingly incomprehensible into the compellingly obvious. Your audience, awakened by its instantaneous insight, becomes driven to act in your best interests. Call us when you need to visually communicate the most complex of structures, from the anatomical and physiological to the physical and mechanical to the chemical and pharmacological.

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Educational and Instructional Illustration

Educational and Instructional Illustration Example Sample

Frustrated with the limitations of text-based explanations and instructions? Think your audience and customers just aren't "getting it" the way they should? Explanatory illustrations are often the solution. They’re an excellent way to compress a complex idea into an easy-to-digest and friendly form. And consider this: while textual descriptions can’t be understood universally unless they’re translated into a culture’s spoken language, illustrative descriptions transcend that culture and speak instantaneously to everyone.

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Children's Book Illustration

Children's Book Illustration Example Sample

When it comes to children’s books, illustrations are what we first remember. Think about your or your children’s favorite such book, and it’s probably the images that come to mind. It’s those pictures and archetypes that make your writing come alive. That’s why great children’s authors like Milne, Barrie and Carroll always had their books filled with illustrations. Let Claytowne do the same for your children’s books.

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Concept Illustration and Technical Illustration

Concept Illustration
            and Technical Illustration Example Sample

Turning an abstract idea into a working product is a monumental task. Thomas Edison himself noted that he needed thousands of tries to make his light bulb work. So even if your idea is sound—or maybe even revolutionary---the devil really is in the details. You’ll need to build models to test feasibility. Models require specifications. And specifications require absolute dedication to accuracy and completeness. This is true whether you’re talking about a mechanical invention, a movie set, a theatrical costume or prop, a tradeshow display or an architectural blueprint. What’s needed in every one of these cases is a conceptual illustration. Masters of their craft use this tool to imbue a mere abstraction with the rich, vivid detail of life. When should you use our expertise? When you’re preparing for mass production, or ready to prove the validity of your invention to an investor, or putting a complex design out to bid and needing to eliminate the “apples and oranges” problem, or simply trying to comply with governmental requirements for disclosure and permitting.

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T-Shirt Design Illustration and Graphics

T-Shirt Design Example Sample

T-shirts are not only the foundation of many clothing companies, but also a subtly effective marketing item for businesses everywhere. But despite a T-shirt’s apparent simplicity, the process of designing and producing one is fraught with obstacles like minimizing the number of colors so your palette stays consistent and costs down; selecting those colors so your design stands out against the fabric’s background (instead of blandly fading into it); and mastering the use of process and spot color. The bottom line: to design a T-shirt that you can manufacture and sell profitably, you need an expert like Claytowne. Over the last decade, we’ve designed 100's of T-shirts, many of which were distributed nationally and carried in stores such as Miller’s Output, Pacific Sunwear and Jean Country. Whether your T-shirt is outrageous or conservative, you only want to take chances on your idea, not on its execution. Count on us to design everything perfectly the first time, while handling all the work from sketching to the production of print-ready files.

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Editorial Illustration and Political Cartoonist

Editorial Illustration
            and Political Cartoonist Example Sample

Sometimes you have to take a strong stand and you need an illustration to help you do it. This is where Clay Butler’s 16+ years as a political cartoonist (view his syndicated political comic strip "Sidewalk Bubblegum") really make a difference. Whether your views are similar or different, Claytowne will support your presentation or article with illustration work that meets your requirements, from colorful, eye-popping and whimsical to muted, subtle and serious.

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