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Corporate Branding and Advertising Design

Corporate Branding Example Sample.

To break through the advertising clutter that bombards your potential customers every day, you need a compelling identity and a way to execute and apply it consistently. We can create that identity from scratch or fashion one out of a hodgepodge of existing branding and identity strategies. Then we’ll apply it to ad designs, brochures, postcards, posters, banners, business cards, letterhead, and point of purchase displays.

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Logo Design

Logo Design Example Sample

Your logo is the ambassador of your brand. As a single image, it has to convey the complex set of attributes that define that brand. Its look, feel and style instantly show the world what your business is about, while establishing the foundation for the rest of your company's marketing imagery and collateral.

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Product Packaging Design, Product Label Designer

Packaging Design Example Sample

Packaging goes beyond the visual to the tactile. Integrating the two, as well as the packaging with the labeling, is essential to capturing the attention of fickle, capricious consumers. Often, you have but one opportunity to establish your products' credibility and presence. An appealing, brand-aware, easy to identify package design puts your product first in line to capture the public's imagination.

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CD, DVD and Video Packaging Design

CD, DVD and Video packaging design teaser

Marshall McLuhan must have been describing the key to marketing in the entertainment industry when he coined the aphorism, “The medium is the message.” After all, consumers can’t hear your music or see your film merely by looking at its packaging. But based solely on what they see, they’re still going to make a judgment about your genre, your style, and your attitude. We know how to make all those facets of your art resonate with them personally.

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Book Cover Design

Book Cover design teaser

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but everyone does. So spending months or years writing your book and then rushing through your book cover design in days is a grand disservice not just to your passion, but also to your pocketbook. We’ll design it the right way—to sell what’s inside.

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Power Point Presentation Design

Power Point presentation Example Sample

Don’t think for a moment that your PowerPoint presentation has to look like the thousands of ones you’ve already had to sit through while nursing your coffee to ward off that meeting-time nap. By using strongly branded custom backgrounds, effective transitions between slides, fonts that get noticed, and custom graphics and illustrations, we’ll produce a PowerPoint presentation that will capture, keep and heighten your customers’ attention.

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Poster Design

Poster Design Example Sample

Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press, posters have been one of the best ways to spread a message. Just think about the movie posters for Jaws, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, or the WWII recruitment posters or the seemingly ubiquitous “I want YOU” posters of Uncle Sam, and you’ll realize the value posters have in shaping public opinion. And it’s never been more affordable to use this medium to maximize your own exposure.

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