SEO Myths, Bogus Claims and Urban Legends

Common SEO Myths

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Myth 1. You must submit your site regularly to the search engines to get top rankings.

Completely false. Search engines find you just fine by following inbound links and re indexing a page over and over has never done anything to improve rankings.

Myth 2. You need to regularly tweak your site to keep up with the latest algorithm changes.

For most sites this is a waste of time and money. Solid optimization techniques never go "out of style". In fact, a well optimized site will usually rank better the following year than the first without changing anything. Great titles, age, quality content and relevant inbound links have always mattered and will continue to count more heavily as the search engines get better at weeding out the "junk" sites.

Myth 3. You need to have top 10 rankings for a specific group of phrases to get traffic and sales.

Not always true. It really depends on which terms you are shooting for. Terms that you may feel are " critical" may not be the one's your customers are using. Nor the ones that convert the best. Using tools such as WordTracker it's quite easy to see if your term is in common usage or you're chasing after an industry niche term that only a handful of insiders will use.

If you have an emerging businesses , a new technology, or occupy a niche market, it may be misguided to emphasize high rankings for your service or product. After all, most people don't even know it exists yet! In these cases you want to heavily target "my problem" key phrases to lead potential customers to your "solution"( example; "buy rubber life raft" or "how to survive an boat capsize" are probably better terms for attracting customers than "PolyCorp Floatation Device"

The concept is simple. You'll rank well for "PolyCorp Floatation Device" at any rate because it's such a highly unique and non-competitive phrase. To place an emphasis on this term is to squander precious pages that could be used to attract customers who don't even know PolyCorp makes a floatation device, nor would even refer to a life raft as a floatation device.


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