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Claytowne's Honesty in SEO Policy

If I can't meet your SEO goals, I won't take the job. Yep, it's that simple. I only take a job when I am certain I can help my client.

I didn't get into SEO to make money. At least not in the way you'd think. My passion for SEO started back in the late 90's when I started asking myself "why isn't my own site doing better in the search engines?" I experimented with links, title tags, meta descriptions and on-page copy and then tracked the results. I studied the technologies that were driving the results on the major search engines. Along the way I discovered some quirks. The most interesting was that if you wanted to get your new content quickly into Inktomi"s database you needed to submit your URL by hand. I also learned that if you submitted your URL to the Australian Inktomi database you would show up quicker in the US database than if you submitted directly to the US one first. Why was this important? At the time Inktomi drove the search results for both Yahoo and HotBot, so understanding that quirk was quite helpful. Though this information is no longer relevant, the process of discovery is the same. Experiment and take note of the results. Keep the techniques that produce repeatable results across the major search engines and toss out the anomalies. This led me through a series of revelations on what works, most of which I still use today.

For me, SEO is about results. So while I enjoy getting paid well for my talents, I receive my greatest satisfaction from helping my clients achieve their dreams. These dreams often include higher rankings and conversions but can also include brand strengthening, public relations and countering untruthful or misleading information about themselves or their business that are appearing in the SERP's (search engine results pages). But before I can accept you as a client I need to evaluate your situation.


The Evaluation Process.

I will review your website first and then make a quick analysis of the terms you want to rank for and contrast this goal with your current website architecture and the competitive landscape. Depending on a combination of factors ( age of site, number and quality of inbound links, architecture, and competitiveness of keywords ) I will be able to determine if your search engine ranking goals are attainable.

I will tell you if it's hopeless ( your site is brand new, contains three pages and you want to be number one for "diet pills" or "viagra" ) or realistic ( your site's at least a year old, has a couple of decent inbound links, is largely built in HTML, and you want to be in the top 10 for "chicago dog groomer" ).

I will tell you if we can work within your current HTML templates or we will need a complete rebuild. If you have a Flash site that you absolutely can't give up, then I'll provide some helpful alternatives that will enable us to work around the inherent SEO defects of Flash. If you're stuck with a not so SEO friendly open source shopping cart platform I'll suggest some ways that we can improve upon a seemingly unimprovable situation.

I will then give you a flat fee for all services.

I've been doing this for 10 years and I use the same techniques on my client's site as I do on my own.


Clay Butler, Owner of Claytowne


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