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Client: American Dream Cycles - View Website

Project: Website design and logo design including animated Flash headers and search engine optimization

Objectives and Process: Create a a very high end website that would convey the strength and bruteness of a custom chopper company. Masculine, heavy, hard. Morphing style animations to illustrated the point that these are "custom" bikes. The color theme had to be red, white, & blue with black as the base color.The American flag must be represented in the design through colors or patterns. The logo should feel "American" and should be easily adaptable for embroidery, key chains, etc. in their merchandising.

After the logo and initial website mock-up was approved we moved into the animation. The client supplied bike images were sliced into parts and we created a series of bike "blue print" images, a logo embossed steel table and some drafting supplies. These were the foundation of the animation. After approval of the animations, custom soundtracks were designed for each animation.