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Singnature Bike
  Every custom bike builder has a signature bike. A bike that defies expectations and demands to be noticed. Every month American Dream Cycles will feature one of these unique beasts from one of our world renowned builders. This month we feature "Vendetta" a custom
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production chopper from Death Row Motorcycles...Enjoy!
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Skull RingAmerican Dream Cycles offers high quality motorcycle accessories and apparel. ADC Baseball capOrder from our online catalog!

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Lots of rake, thin front tires and a nice fatty in the back. That's the look that defines the chopper experience and leaves them slack jawed in awe.
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Pro Street
Pro Street Bikes  
Fatter, lower, and wider. Pro street bikes derive their inspiration from the muscle car tradition. Great for lazy mountain roads or full throttle straightaways.
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Specialty Bike
Specialty Bikes  
One-offs and production customs. Some of these bikes are for purchase while others are strickly for inspiration. Let your imagination run wild!
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