Illustration: Editorial Cartoonist, Political, Alternative

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Editorial lllustration 44

Client: Dr. Mercola - Website

Project: Viral marketing piece.

Objectives and Process: This testimonial from Brian Vaszily, Consulting VP of Marketing and Editorial for, describes the project well.

"We reviewed Clay's extensive portfolio of previous cartooning work and especially appreciated the emotion he draws forth in his characters and in his captivating use of colors and lines. We were also extremely impressed with the rave reviews Clay's other clients gave him. Due to these factors, plus Clay's own enthusiasm and attentiveness to our needs, we knew we had to hire him to develop the cartooning for our "The Town of Allopath" video. And to say we are glad we did is an understatement. Clay is a pleasure to work with and he knows how to translate needs into powerful results.'s "Town of Allopath" presentation has spread rapidly across the Web, many hundreds of thousands have viewed it already, and it has received widespread critical acclaim for its visual power - for which Clay's exceptional cartooning laid the foundation." Fully Animated Oringinal Storyboards