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How Much Does Your Designer Know About Business?

Imagine one: Photo of Clay Butler

  • Who takes your business as seriously as you do;
  • Who is old-fashioned enough to believe in customer service straight out of the 1950s;
  • Who understands that making a website look great is just a starting point toward the ultimate goal--producing leads and sales;
  • Who knows precisely how to make your website’s search engine rankings soar;
  • Who can handle any project, no matter how esoteric or unconventional, with grace and style;
  • Who has a client list impressive enough to include The Discovery Channel, Playboy Magazine and Google, yet broad enough to include gourmet and specialty food companies, law firms, tech start-ups, pharmaceutical manufacturers, entertainers, brokers and medical professionals;
  • Who is never a slave to a particular school of design, instead displaying an unmistakable personal style through client-centered logos, illustrations, brand identities, collateral and product packaging.


I'm Clay Butler, and I'm That Designer.

What my clients have in common are clear-headed business objectives like:
  • Increasing sales
  • Influencing public debate
  • Enhancing their professional reputation
  • Defining their brand to compellingly distinguish their company—and themselves—from competitors

In the 25 years I’ve been in business, I’ve mastered many styles—from the serious and conservative to the whimsical and joyful to the sardonic and unconventional.

Yet, throughout every aspect of my work, there is one constant: form must follow function. My adherence to that mantra is why my clients come from such diverse fields. It’s also why my own work covers such a broad array of media.

My first mission is to forge—for every single one of my clients—a carefully crafted style that perfectly represents their brand and achieves their business objectives. My second, equally important goal is to execute that style.

So while my services start with graphic design, illustration and website design, that’s not where they end. After all, an unfinished product is no product at all. That’s why I always see everything through production, printing, delivery and deployment.

Whether you’re an established company looking for a fresh perspective or an aggressive start up looking to take down the competition; an entrepreneur seeking a creative and cost effective marketing strategy or a demanding professional looking to position themselves for explosive growth; everything I create for you will be uniquely your own and singularly effective.

Here’s how to get started.