Nutritional Analysis – Nutrition Facts and FDA Food Label Compliance

Just the (Nutritional) Facts Ma’am.

There are two things that seem to trip up most entrepreneurs when they launch their new food product. One, how do they go about getting a bar code, and two, how do they make those nutrition facts labels.

The barcode is pretty straight forward. You create an account at and generate your UPC codes, which you then make your barcodes from.

However, nutritional facts and FDA food label compliance is a bit trickier – especially when you get into product claims like “high in vitamin C” and a “good source of fiber” as these have specific rules on what your product must have in order to make these claims.

This is where nutritional analysis and FDA compliance experts come in handy. They make sure nutritional facts are spot on and your claims are FDA compliant.

If you need an experienced food package designer who understand how to format  FDA compliant nutritional facts labels, call me at 831-566-3046 or try email.

FDA Compliance

Food Label Consultants
I recently had the pleasure of working with Steve at Food Label Consultants. He knows his stuff and provides clear and prompt feedback.

Nutritional Analysis

Food Lab
Competitively price nutritional analysis based upon your recipe or an analysis of the actual product. Also providing FDA compliance consulting.

Nutrition analysis of food products, recipes, menus, supplements, and pet food, by database analysis (based on formulation) and/or laboratory analysis (based on sample testing). Also providing FDA compliance consulting.

Nutritional Facts Label Software

Cloud based nutrition analysis using the latest web technologies to create FDA compliant nutrition facts labels.

FDA-compliant nutrition fact labels, recipe costing, and inventory management – at an affordable price

Nutritionist Pro NexGen
Easy, Affordable, Nutrient Analysis and Nutrition Food Label Application. Works on All Devices – PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone. Great for calculating nutrient values of recipes/formulas using a built in ingredient database. Easily create food package ready nutrition labels for many regions such as USA, Canada, UK/Europe, China/Hong Kong and more. Labels can be created in English, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and more. Pick the features that are right for you.

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