Flavor Formulation and Beverage Development

Every Food or Beverage Product Starts with a Formula.

These formulas can be off-the-shelf stock flavors or fully customized creations. If your product was a brownie, you probably already have the recipe and just need a co-packer to produce it. However, if this brownie is also stevia sweetened and loaded with functional ingredients like antioxidant blends and green tea extracts, then you’ll probably benefit from outsourcing your R&D to a professional flavor house. This is where this list of flavor formulators for food and beverages come in handy. I’ve either talked directly with most of these companies or samples their formulas.

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The Beverage Architects®. For 20 years, Flavorman has been leading the industry as a single source partner in beverage product development. Their clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to major international players in the global beverage market. Located in Louisville, Kentucky and run by the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Allen Flavors
Allen Flavors, Inc. is a world renowned US proprietary beverage formulation flavor and ingredient supply company. Beyond ingredient supplies which includes flavors, custom premixes and bases, Allen Flavors has been providing pre and post production support to hundreds of entrepreneurs and multinational companies alike since 1991.

Comax Flavors
Comax Flavors is a world leader in proprietary flavors technology. They offer a full range of traditional flavors, but are also flavor innovators, specializing in flavor improvements for healthy foods and customized solutions to every food and beverage flavor challenge.

Wild Flavors
Named after the founder Dr. Hans-Peter Wild, this massive company produces flavors for the entire food and beverage industry. A great place to start for products that need to integrate natural, organic, and functional ingredients. Whether you’re producing beverages like teas, juices and sodas, or baked good, dairy or nutraceuticals, they deliver innovative flavors, color, ingredient system and process technology solutions to the food and beverage industry.

Virginia Dare
Virginia Dare is a Brooklyn, New York based flavor and extract company that was originally founded in 1835. The company evolved into the Virginia Dare company in 1923 with a focus on creating and supplying flavors for the food, beverage, nutritional products, dairy, bakery, sweet goods, pharmaceutical and oral care industries. They make darn good soda too!

Imbibe is an industry-leading beverage development company focused on formulating and commercializing cutting-edge products. They act as a bolt-on R&D function for companies that don’t have one or an extension of the R&D team for those who do, by designing custom ingredients, blends and flavors for products in all beverage categories.

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