Need Help Launching Your New Product? Of Course You Do!

Launching a new product is a huge undertaking. Even the simplest of products will consume an entire year of your life, if not longer, just getting the first cases into the stores.

Over the years I’ve helped companies launch products from energy bars, care care products, and condiment to consumer electronics, brownies, and fruit drinks to salad dressings, frozen foods and nutritional supplements. In short, anything and everything. And in the process I’ve encountered and solved just about every problem that one can expect when trying to enter a crowded market with a new product.

So I complied a list of resources specifically geared towards launching new products and especially food products.

Many of these companies I’ve worked directly with and some I took an educated guess that they would be a good bet. I’ve been around long enough that I’m pretty good at sizing up a company.

So check out my list to find what experience and intuition has told me are quality sources for:

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