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Your Packaging Problems Are Multifaceted. Your Designer Should Be Too.

Great packaging doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a long process involving dozens of little compromises. But it’s how you handle these compromises that make the difference between good and great. And unless you have a bottomless well of cash to draw upon, you will be constrained by printing methods, print run minimums, packaging material costs and availability, and co-packing requirements and restrictions. So how you navigate these obstacles are crucial. For over a fifteen years I’ve been helping my clients do just that and do it with grace and style.

Whether you’re a babe in the woods or a seasoned veteran, or at square one or in the home stretch, give me a call and let’s discover how we can introduce the world to your amazing product and dominate your competitors.

Available by Phone Sunday – Friday

7am – 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

Feel free to email or IM anytime

Clay Butler – Owner and Creative Director of Claytowne

Email: clay@claybutler.com

Phone: 831-566-3046

Skype: clay.butler

Address: 4300 Soquel Dr. #229 Soquel CA. 95073

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