Product Localization – Marketing Your Product to US and Global Markets

Critter Quitter- A Case Study in Product Localization for the US Market Last month I was approached by Impulsis Games, the dev division of Impulsis, a Ukrainian software company. Their specialty is building ecommerce websites with a focus on the Magento and TYPO3 platforms. However, they have started branching out into custom apps and had […]

Social Media Myths – Why Your Blog Will Suck, Facebook Won’t Make You Money, and No One Will Read Your Twitter Posts

Hurry! Don’t Be Left Out of The Social Media Revolution! Blogging is Fun, Easy, and Profitable and in the Future Everyone on the Planet Will Have a Facebook and Twitter Account. It Might Even Be Required by Law! Sure sounds great, huh? The social media marketing hype machine is in serious overdrive. The biggest promoters […]

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