Bad Google Maps Directions – How Google Map Directions Almost Got Me Killed!

The Shocking But True Story of My Near Death Experience at the Hands of Google. Do No Evil? Yeah Right! I love Google maps. It’s one of the most useful and clever pieces of technology ever invented. It’s also, for the most part, very reliable in its choice of routes to your chosen destination. This […]

Worst Postcard Design Ever – How I Got a Spammer to Design a Really Bad Postcard

Nigerian 419 Scam Turns into Comical Lesson on How to Prepare a File for Print Sometimes opportunities just fall into your lap. In this case, a spammer using a classic Nigerian 419 scam ends up providing the perfect example of how NOT to prepare a design for professional printing. The first email arrives with a […]

I Hate Bon Jovi – Branding, Marketing, Design, and The Tyranny of Personal Taste

I Hate Bon Jovi. I Mean I Really, Really, Really Hate Them. If hating Bon Jovi was a medical condition I’d have to carry an injector with me to keep me from going into anaphylactic shock every time “You Give Love a Bad Name” came on the radio. I don’t hate the members of Bon […]

Top 10 Movies That Already Have Great Porn Names

Good Will Humping We all know the minute a major Hollywood movie comes out the porn industry will spoof it. Some of the titles, such as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Breast”, “Sexorcist”, and “The Joy Suck Club” are corny puns that silicate a groan and a roll of the yes. Some, like “Big Trouble […]

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