Branding and Design Work

Your brand is the sum total of the public’s perceptions of your product, service or organization. It exists only in the customer’s mind and they are the ones that infuse meaning into your identity. So every touch point must convey a consistent and authentic message.  From a simple business card to a full blown eCommerce site, or from a product package to a trade show pop up, every visual you present to the public either enhances your brand or weakens it. It either matches the public’s perception or contradicts it. This is why I start every design project with an exploration of your brand. For without understanding the brand, we’re just making pretty pictures.

Brand Identity Case Studies

There's no second chance to make a first impression. Creating a unified brand presence across all your marketing materials sends a strong signal to your buyers, suppliers, and customers that yes, this is a company that I can trust. I'll make sure your brand's DNA is effectively implemented throughout all your print and online collateral.

Product Package Design

Besides protecting the product, your package design has only one job - to clearly convey your brand story and differentiate yourself from your competitors. I don't make pretty pictures, I develop brands. Let me help you create a compelling reason for people to abandon their trusted brand and make the switch to yours.

Storyboard Design

Exceptionally fast turn arounds and strict adherence to specs keep top companies like Intel, Google, Oracle and the Discovery Channel coming back. Black and white pencil and digital full color boards for commercials, demos, music video and animatics.

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