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How to Make a Nutrition Facts Label for a Package – Download Free Nutrition Facts Label Template Samples

Wanna a Whole Lotta Label… In a big hurry? Download the Editable Nutrition Facts Label File (Includes NEW FDA Compliant Nutrition Facts Label for 2018 Guidelines ) Updated 7-17-16 with Even More Samples Including Supplements Facts Panels! Includes new FDA compliant label for 2018 changes. Now Backwards Compatible to Illustrator CS4! Got more time? Then […]

10 Rules for Freelance Success – Business Tips for Freelance Graphic and Web Designers

Get Your Design On! The secret to a successful long-term career as a freelance graphic or web designer has little to do with design itself – it’s how you handle your business. I’m not saying that your design skills don’t matter, they do, but if you don’t get your business end together, it won’t matter […]

Bad Google Maps Directions – How Google Map Directions Almost Got Me Killed!

The Shocking But True Story of My Near Death Experience at the Hands of Google. Do No Evil? Yeah Right! I love Google maps. It’s one of the most useful and clever pieces of technology ever invented. It’s also, for the most part, very reliable in its choice of routes to your chosen destination. This […]

Why Won’t My Designer Give Me the Layered Master Photoshop Files…I Paid for Them Didn’t I?

Four Legitimate Reasons Why Your Designer May Not Want to Release a Layered Photoshop or Illustrator File…Plus One Illegitimate One. I hear this a lot. Designers don’t want to give the layered masters to their clients. Clients rightfully feel a little miffed about not getting something that they assumed they had paid for. There are […]

Why I Love Adobe Illustrator Editable PDF Files and Why I’ll Never Go Back to AI or EPS

Good-bye AI…Hello PDF For most of my career, when I started a new Illustrator project and went to save the file, I choose AI for the file type and only used EPS if there was a special request. However, now that Illustrator can save layered PDFs as editable Illustrator files I’ve made the switch to […]

Dieline Tutorial – How To Create A Dieline for Your Product Package Design

Packaging to Die(line) For… To a newbie, product packaging design requirements can seem rather mysterious if not overwhelming. Besides the package design itself, there are multiple issues involving FDA and USDA requirements as well as product and category specific government rules and regulations. For food items and consumables, nutritional panels and ingredient lists follow strict […]

The Secret to Great Client-Designer Relationships…Make Them Money!

What is Good Design? Good Design is Design that Makes Your Client Money If you ask a designer what makes a good design they’ll rattle off a list of impressive sounding terms: good contrast, effective use of type, good use of white space, logical hierarchy and so on. Ask a client and they’ll tell you […]

Ergonomic Tips and Tricks for Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Artists, and Office Workers

How I’ve Tricked Out My Work Station to Make Sure I Never Go on Disability Again I know what it’s like to wear a wrist brace for three years, to be in so much pain that I had to ice my hand after brushing my teeth, and to have my partner pay all the bills […]

Worst Postcard Design Ever – How I Got a Spammer to Design a Really Bad Postcard

Nigerian 419 Scam Turns into Comical Lesson on How to Prepare a File for Print Sometimes opportunities just fall into your lap. In this case, a spammer using a classic Nigerian 419 scam ends up providing the perfect example of how NOT to prepare a design for professional printing. The first email arrives with a […]

How Webmasters Fake Their Google PR – Avoiding the Fake Google Page Rank Link Exchange Scam

Beware of “Too Good to Be True”Link Exchanges with High PR Websites Once your website establishes a decent PR you’ll start to attract some very shady people. Among the worst are the fake Google PR scam artists. Besides being deceitful, they also put a black eye on the entire SEO industry, so I take it […]

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