Zap Cubez Tin Box Design

Zap Cubez Tin Box Design

Zap Cubez Tin Box Design

Chewz Brands approached me for banding and packaging for the unique energy supplement. Chewy like nougat and with a strong minty kick like an Altoid, Zap Cubes are a unique twist in the energy supplement market.

Originally they were going to get a stock plastic container with a sticker on it. I encouraged them to go with an upscale custom tin box. Zap Cubez is a premium product and it deserves a premium presentation. So I introduced them to one of my tin box manufacturers in China to get the ball rolling.

When it comes to packaging it’s good to see all your options. Options that you may reject off hand as being ‘too expensive”‘ may actually be cheaper, while other options that intuitively feel like a more cost effective route, may actually be more expensive.

That’s where working with a package designer, like myself, who understands the entire supply chain can enhance your chances in the marketplace. I don’t sit back and blindly do whatever my client requests. I ask questions about intent, production runs, where it will be sold and how it will be distributed. I ask about the thinking behind the name and tagline and who their target market is. And if I see some areas of improvement or options that may be of benefit but have not been explored, I explain those to my client. If they those options aren’t the right fit, that’s OK. I just think it’s important to present those options and for the package designer to be knowledgeable enough to know those options exist.

Zap Cubez Tin Box Design

Zap Cubez Tin Box Design – Container fits six cubes.

Zap Cubez Sample Pouch Dispenser Box Design

Zap Cubez sample pouch dispenser POS box design. Fill from the top and the product is gravity fed through the bottom drawer.

Zap Cubez Sample Pouch

Single serving Zap Cubez sample pouch design. Great for POS displays and  promotions at trade shows.

Zap Cubez Sample Pouch

Zap Cubez sample pouch design.

Do you need an eye catching box design for your energy supplement? Call  831-566-3046 or email me to discuss what great design can do for your sales and product positioning.

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