Wrapper Design for Sherri’s Cookies

Sherris Cookies Package Wrapper Design

Sherri of Sherris Cookies came to me with a idea. Why not market their cookies, which can only be bought at their Capitola retail location, to other retail stores? It’s a great idea if you already have a successful brand. Many companies first started out as a local only product, sold out of a single company store, before they branched out to other channels of distribution.

So that’s where I came in. At their retail location, cookies are put into paper bags, sealed with a sticker and sold by the pound or by the piece. This obviously can’t work in other stores so we needed a great looking cookie bag.

To simplify the launch we reduced it down to four flavors. I suggested we also create a single universal bag that could be customized with a barcode sticker. The bag would contain all the nutritional facts and ingredients for all four cookies, but a clear package window would easily allow someone to identify which of the four possible flavors was in the bag.

I didn’t have to use their current logo, which was a relief, because it was a bulls-eye type logo that was perfect for a sticker to seal a bag, but limited in its use on a single serving cookie wrapper. I knew the bag had to meet two requirements: show of the brand, and display the cookie in a unique way. So I wanted to avoid the logo in the middle if at possible. Below are the three concepts I came up with. The first is the classic bull-eye package that is commonly found on cookie and treat packaging near checkout stands. The second is a cute and attractive “cookie in your pocket” concept. Something I’ve never seen before. The third is using the product window in a way that displays the product in a unique and highly relevant way that also doubles as a call to action. This one was the clear winner.

Three Sherris Cookies Package Wrapper Design Concepts

I presented three different but equally valid Sherri’s Cookies wrapper design concepts but the window in the shape of a half eaten cookie was the clear winner. The “ah-ha” effect was undeniably strong.

The brand also cried out for a tagline, one that referred to it’s deliciousness. I came up with “You’ll Crumble for Our Cookies”. I’m not too humble to say that is is one heck of a good tagline. In five words it says everything you really need to know. Who doesn’t want to eat a cookie that makes you weak in the knees the first time you bite into it?

Combining this with the window that visually converts a full cookie into a half eaten one, and you now have a complete story and a design that delights and demands a closer look.

Sherri's Cookie Wrapper Bag

The peek-a-boo window against t a white background focuses your attention so intently that even just by seeing half of it, you can easily tell the back cookie is white chocolate.

Sherri's Cookie Wrapper Bag

The half eaten cookie window creates an amusing illusion and focuses your attention on the contents. Sometimes showing less is more.

Sherris Cookies Package Wrapper Design

A universal back panel allows us to print just one wrapper for all four flavors.

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