Sebusca Cerveza Mix Bottle Label Design


Sebusca Cerveza Mix Bottle Label Design

When the creator of Sebusca came to me, he had a clear vision in his head. His brand was regal, royal and tough. His market was distinctly Latino and his entire brand needed to speak to that audience. He also gave me a head start by providing his own version of the logo he envisioned. His rendering was a vector file, which is perfect, and he had already blocked out the key elements (name in an arch, heart tambourine icon, some swirly shapes to frame the elements, etc). But his initial comp was a long way from what he really wanted and from what would be considered ready for prime time.

That’s were I came in.

My job was to take his inspiration and take it to the next level. This label had to stop you in your tracts. It needed to blow away the competition.

Adding to the challenge was a fully bilingual label, including the nutritional facts and ingredients. This essentially doubled the label content which required some finessing to find the right balance between composition and readability.

I’m super stoked about the label and can’t wait to see the upscale version which will include metallic film and embossing. Now that will really look tough!

Oh, and it’s delicious. I don’t drink alcohol so I just take a little shot of it straight whenever I want a little pick me up that helps clear my sinuses.

Sebusca Cerveza Mix Bottle Label Design

Detail of the principal display panel

Sebusca Cerveza Mix Bottle Label Design

Sebusca Cerveza Mix Bottle Label Design

Sebusca Cerveza Mix Bottle Label Design – Right side of the label wrap and left side of the label wrap

Sebusca Cerveza Mix Bottle Label Design

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