Package Design for Palmetto Pride Pickles

Palmetto Pride Pickles Label Design

Palmetto pride comes in both regular and, pictured above, sugar free.

There are two important things I learned from designing the packaging for Palmetto Pride Pickles. One, thin cut pickles are the bomb, and two, all food products made in South Carolina must have their package designs approved by the state. That’s why the 16 oz is so big on the label. Based upon the height and width of the label, that was the minimum point size that was required by law.

But what of the pickles themselves? Well, I devoured my samples within days of arriving, even the Splenda ones. I didn’t even use them on anything. I just ate them with a fork straight out of the jar. And boy, oh boy, there really is magic in those think cut pickles. I think it may be the increased surface area per gram of product that makes them such a joy to eat. More surface area means more contact to your taste buds, which means more flavor with less effort. Yummy.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, the landscape is actually a reworking of the palm tree and crescent moon from the South Carolina state flag.

Do you need the perfect package designfor your pickle product? Call  831-566-3046 or email me to discuss what delectable design can do for your colossal condiment.

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