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Package Design Memory on Hand USB Bracelet - Consumer Electronics Packaging Design

MOH (Memory on Hand) came to me with a great product, a great name, but poor presentation. There original logo had used a USB symbol in the middle “O”, which was an interesting concept, but other than that it just wasn’t working. In short, the product was hip, but the packaging wasn’t.

Not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater I kept the USB “O” concept but everything else I tossed.

We were also on a time crunch because there was a big trade show coming up and prototypes needed to be made.

All went well, and the MOH crew showed up with the new packaging. It was a huge success, both in perception and in sales.

Jeff, my point man at MOH had this to say:

Working with Clay has been a huge success for us.  He’s become a full branding solution for our young company.  Although we were not a large client, Clay gave us his individual attention and always worked ahead of schedule.  He had a genuine interest in learning about our business so that he could create the face of our brand.  With his work the perceived value in our product has greatly increased and at trade shows other vendors often turn to us and ask where we developed such great packaging.

-Jeff Brayer

Director of Sales, Memory on Hand

Package Design Memory on Hand USB Bracelet - Consumer Electronics Packaging Design

The back of the box is devoted a simple illustration demonstrating how the MOH band is used.


Package Design Memory on Hand USB Bracelet

A plastic box with a tuck top and a header card for hanging. Holding great package design is a holistic experience. No part of the package should feel out of place or overshadow the others. The concentric circle patterns repeat the “O” shape in the logo, evoke the feeling of data transmission, and re-enforces the idea that the product itself is circular.

Package Design Memory on Hand USB Bracelet

Lined up, the concentric circles make for an interesting pattern.

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