Label Designs for Lucre Naturals Moisturizer Body Wash

Lucre Naturals Face and Body Moisturizers Cleansers

Miriam, the founder and creator of Lucre Naturals body care products, had solved her most important problem – formulating a high end, all natural line of facial and body cleansers and moisturizers – when she approached me for help with her logo and packaging. She had a solid, memorable name, but the product names and tagline we uninspired. I suggested we try a double brand approach. Lucre naturals would be the parent company, but each individual product would also have its own sub brand.

So “Lucre Naturals Enzyme Scrub” became “Lucre Naturals Fresh Start Enzyme Scrub”. Not only did the abstract and aspirational, yet literal, “Fresh Start” brand name breathe life into the product, it also provided the foundation to create additional “Fresh Start” products that leverage the same formula..

I then created names for the face serum (Revive) and daily wash (Before the Storm). Taking a cue from my naming conventions, Miriam proposed “Forever Bare” for the in-shower body lotion. The line was now complete.

Next were the bottles.  Custom manufactured bottles can run up to $25,000 per design including tooling.  That’s prohibitive for most start-ups.  So why do you do to make a generic stock bottle look interesting?  My solution was to create a unique, asymmetrical, feminine label silhouette that would trick the eye into seeing the bottles as a different shape.  And by floating the label design on a clear rectangle, we could also save ourselves on custom dieline charges.  From a typical viewing distance, the rectangular and angular dimensions of the label disappear as you focus on the gentle curves and uniquely shaped of the label design. When sales increase we’ll switch to a custom die and have the labels trimmed right to the edge of the design. This allows Miriam to build her company organically and spend her capital on what people ultimately care about most – a great formula that make their skin look and feel great.

Label Designs for Lucre Naturals Before the Storm Daily Wash

Front and back for Before the Storm Daily Wash.

Label Designs for Lucre Naturals Forever Bare Body Lotion

Label Wrap for Forever Bare In Shower Body Lotion

Label Designs for Lucre Naturals Moisturizer Body Wash

The Lucre Naturals family of products including, Before the Storm, Fresh Start, Forever Bare, and Revive.

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