HARDCELL Energy Shots Bottle Design

Hardcell Energ Shots Bottle Design - PepperMental, LicoRage, GingerGasmic, CinnaBurn

Hardcell Energy Shots Bottle Designs – PepperMental, LicoRage, GingerGasmic, CinnaBurn

Salvatore, senior engineer and owner of POWER PLUS Engineering, came to me with an intriguing idea – enter the highly competitive energy shot market with a new dispensing model. The model centers around POS displays that dispense a single shot of the drink into branded recyclable shot glasses. These would be placed on the counters of convenience stores, clubs, gyms and anywhere drinks are sold. Salvatore was looking for someone who could take the idea and develop it into an amazing brand – including naming the product, creating the taglines, developing the flavors, sourcing the bottles, designing the labels, designing the website, and developing all the supportive sales materials such as sell sheets, business cards, trade show booths, and vehicle wraps. Oh, and file the appropriate trademarks.

Fortunately, this is something I can do, and have done for many companies before, but rarely on such a comprehensive level.

The first step was creating a brand concept. What is our drink about? What makes it different? Who is the target audience and what is our image? All of this was open ended as we we starting with a dispensing solution and then built a brand around that.

Some things we considered were the energy blend and finding an area that is underrepresented in the functional beverage market. Other consideration were flavors and mouth feel, and how it finishes. After all, the first customer were ourselves and we wanted to drink something that was clean and delicious. Then we needed a knock-your-pants off name that evoked our key attributes of performance and function. And of course, back that up with a provocative tagline.

HARDCELL WAS BORN. And it was time to “Ignite Your Core!”

While we developing flavors it became clear that fruity flavors were overplayed in the market and more importantly, missed the mark on our brand. So we developed a line of herbal flavors that are both familiar and a tab bit challenging. If you want ginger, then it better burn like ginger. Nothing’s more disappointing to a ginger lover than a product the promises a ginger experience but then pulls it’s punches and delivers only a ginger-like letdown.

This commitment to authentic flavors was repeated for our other key herbal flavors – peppermint, licorice and cinnamon. This was followed up with some provocative brand appropriate  names that spoke to both the intensity and complexity of the flavors – Peppermental, GingerGasmic, CinnaBurn, and Licorage.

And with the highest energy blend on the market HardCell delivers.

Front and back panel for Hardcell PepperMental Energy hots

Front and back panel for Hardcell PepperMental Energy shots.

Hardcell Postcard

HardCell Promotional Postcard.

Customized Hardcell Eneregy Shot Dispenser. A reatil ready solution to both sell POS energy shots in a convenience store, club or gym and offer bulk shot in a 24oz aluminum bottle

Customized HardCell Energy Shot Dispenser. A retail ready solution to both sell POP energy shots in a convenience store, club, or gym and also offer bulk shots in a 24oz aluminum bottle

Hardcell CinnaBurn, Licorage, and GingerGasmic Energy Shot Bottle Designs

Hardcell CinnaBurn, Licorage, and GingerGasmic Flavors

Hardcell GingerGasmic full label design wrap.

Hardcell GingerGasmic full label design wrap.

Hardcell Energy Shot Dispenser

Hardcell Energy Shot Dispenser

Do you need a retail ready label design for your new beverage product or energy drink. Call  831-566-3046 or email me to discuss what great design can do for your sales and product positioning.

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