Flex Flavors Stick Pack and Box Design

Flex Flavors Bananas Foster and Fruity Hoops Cereal Box and Stick Pack Designs

Flex Flavors is the revolutionary sugar free flavoring system. Developed by co-founders Gina Aliotti and Dana Kaye to work especially well with their line of creamy and delicious Devotion Protein powders, Flex Flavors are stick packs that can turn any food into your favorite food. They dissolve quickly and contain no coloring. They are calorie free, sugar free and contain one gram of pre-biotic fiber.

Gina and Dana came to me looking for a branding and package design professional to take them from conception to launch including all the packaging, the ecommerce website, trade show displays, magazine and web ads, product photography, sell sheets and business cards. I also developed the tagline “Ignite Your Passion”, wrote most of the sales copy and helped finalize the name.

Thematically we were looking for a commercial look with a little bit of an edge. Colorful and artsy and something that would leap out at you on the shelf. Flex Flavors is a first of a kind product and it needed to make a statement.

I chose a bold presentation of the flavor on the front with a featured athlete on the back, and a recipe to help get the customer’s creative juices flowing. Two of the boxes feature the founders, who are both fitness competitors. We left them unidentified on the box for a little surprise.

Because copackers will have specific requirements on how they like their film (single serving sleeves) to be delivered, I made sure to coordinate with their chosen copacker from day one. In fact, the copacker had some influence on this decision because they recommended a couple of printers they work with that already know their machine specs. Usually copackers want the film on a roll, with a specified orientation and layout and with a defined cut width. Deliver the printed material in the wrong format and you’re out of luck. So never, never, and I mean never, print rolls of  film (plastic sleeves) without consulting with the copacker.

I’m a big fan of the product and use it daily to tweak my protein shakes for a near endless variety of flavor profiles.

Flex Flavors Front Box Design

The boxes really come to life when they display in a group.

Flex Flavors Back of Box Design

When the boxes are stacked and staggered they create an attractive pattern by displaying each recipe and athlete in full glory.

Flex Flavors Back of Box Design

I wish I could claim this clever way of showing all the athletes was intentional but it only became apparent after I got the production run back from the printers. Seen together they tell an interesting story – Flex Flavors are great addition to a clean healthy lifestyle!

Flex Flavors Bananas Foster and Razzmatazz Box and Stick Pack Designs

Can you believe we fit 30 sticks packs in a single box?

Do you need a retail ready box and stick pack design for your new flavoring product. Call  831-566-3046 or email me to discuss what great design can do for your sales and product positioning.

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