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Insta Caulk Blister Package Design Bathtub Shower

InstaTrim (formerly InstaCaulk) is a great product that had a typical problem – the quality of the product far exceeded the packing design and messaging. It would be nice if we lived in a world where looks didn’t matter, but we don’t, so we all do our best to present a positive face to the world. This is especially true in packaging where there is very little opportunity for someone to get to know your product without actually buying it. If it doesn’t pique their interest and push their buttons the right way, it won’t be put in the shopping cart.

Greg Amundson, the founder and creator of InstaTrim had a patented product that worked very well, but was being gobbled up by poor packaging.

IntaCaulk Old Packaging

It just wasn’t believable that this product was a giant leap forward in its category.

One of the things that was obvious right away was that his patented “wing design”, which was the key differentiator in his category, was getting lost. At first I thought  the wing sample on the top left was a paper airplane. Without it being shown in use, you had no reference point of how big it was, how stiff it was, how it was applied, or even what it did. When Greg showed me how it was applied, I was surprised because my initial  guess on how it worked was actually backwards. And since I worked in packaging, and  have reasonably strong abilities to picture things in three dimensions, I knew if I was getting it wrong it was safe to assume that many others would to.

One of the first things to solve was the “wing” issue. Without understanding how that works and why it’s important, a key benefit would be lost on the consumer. So I created as simple cross-section caulking strip showing how the wings create a perfect seal and proved a moisture barrier. To draw attention to it, I placed it in the top right corner and then curved the dieline around the graphic. This had the added bonus of making the blister pack more stylish.

We also needed a very simple three-step diagram to emphasize just how easy this product is to apply. Using my own hand and bathroom I shot the images for the diagram and then wrote a snappy “clean, dry and apply” rhyme to make it easier to remember. And since the product was made in America, we wanted to emphasize that as well on the front.

I then printed out the design on glossy paper, affixed the blister pack and a standard roll of InstaTrim strip with double-sided tape, and headed off to Home Depot to test the effectiveness of the design in a real retail environment.

InstaCalk Prototype

InstaTrim Prototype. Just  an inkjet print on glossy paper with a typical roll of InstaTrim and an unused blister shell pack taped to the front.

I placed it on the peg on one of the display units that was stocked with a competitor’s brand, and then quickly took some photos. I was happy that being able to stand out was not going to be a problem.

InstaCalk Prototype on Store Shelf

InstaTrim Prototype on store shelf.

Then it was on to the back. I had several long discussions with Greg about what were the sticking points that were preventing some customers from achieving a trouble-free experience with the product. Through hundreds of emails and phone call with customers, he was able to identify the top two or three moments that were tripping people up.

So the back’s primary focus was to address those issues so we can achieve a high success rate among users. One of the first items was the reassuring “guaranteed to work or your money back” statement. This was next to the three-step process. This answered the first two big questions – is it easy, and what if it doesn’t work?

The left side was devoted to two things. The first was one explaining what additional materials someone will need to apply the strips. This acts as a shopping list so people can easily pick up the missing common household items while they are still in the store. Following that are detailed instruction than mimic the three-step process.

InstaCaulk Blister Package Design Back Panel

For the back of the package I designed a universal instruction panel and customizable “what’s inside” grid. This allowed my client to use the same back panel for all color options and barcodes, thus saving  money on packaging inventory. I also shot the 1,2,3 Steps panels using some sample product, my own hand, and our family bathroom.

Per my conversation with Greg, it was clear that the two most common hang-ups for users was understanding that they just need to press and not stretch the strip, and how to cut 45 degree angle pieces for corners. So I designed a two-in-one graphic that covered both and designed a full size template for setting up your corner cuts. Users now just had to place the pieces on the diagram and mark and cut as instructed.

I finished the back with a universal “what’s inside” panel that just requires a check mark and a bar code sticker.This saved considerable printing expenses and inventory mismatches.

I then used this a template to create the remaining three products for windows and weatherstripping, marine and RV, and counter tops.

InstaCaulk Blister Package Design Back Panel

Knowing that visualizing angles and proportions in three dimension aren’t most people’s strong point, I suggested we make a diagram that would allow users to place the pieces directly on a dieline to make the proper corner cuts. Additionally we broke the application process down to the two most important points for success. If you can do corner cuts and remember to “press and not stretch” then success is almost guaranteed.

InstaCaulk Blister Package Design Counter Top

InstaTrim Blister Package Design for the Counter Top Caulking Strips

InstaCaulk Blister Package Design for the Window Weather Stripping Caulking Strips

InstaTrim Blister Package Design for the Window Weather Stripping Caulking Strips

InstaCaulk Blister Package Design for the Marine RV Caulking Strips

InstaTrim Blister Package Design for the Marine RV Caulking Strips

Do you need an eye catching blister package design for your home repair product? Call  831-566-3046 or email me to discuss what great design can do for your sales and product positioning.

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